Fluoride is a natural compound formed from fluorine. It is a common substance found almost everywhere. This includes in water, soil, food and minerals. Chemical processes are also undertaken in laboratories for artificial production of fluoride.


Common myths indicate that fluoride is bad for health more so teeth. This is however disputed by health research that indicates that a certain amount of fluoride is essential for better and healthy teeth alongside other health benefits. This only happens when the required amounts of fluoride are assimilated to the body.


During the period of human developing that occurs in the childhood stage, fluoride offers an essential component for development of strong teeth. Teeth with right amounts of fluoride right from development stage has ability to grow strong a factor that gives it capacity to withstand acid attacks. Fluoride required at this stage is consumed through either meals or drinks.


In adults, fluoride comes in handy to strengthen enamel on teeth.  The amounts of fluoride collected from foods and drinks are held by the saliva in the mouth alongside other essential minerals. It is then provided to the teeth in the process of saliva soaking the teeth.  With strong enamel, teeth a re less prone to instances of decay and thus lasts longer, view website here!


Fluoride is a common ingredient in toothpaste and mouthwash. It is added to these in a measure to ensure the teeth receive adequate amounts during the process of cleaning. It is in this respect that regular cleaning of the teeth is considered as an effective method to enhance their strength.  The cleaning process also helps reduce harmful bacteria and this keeps the teeth stronger for longer.


For fluoride to be helpful to the body, it must be provide in the correct amounts. Excess amounts have been attributed to a number of risks that affect the human body. With the substance available in most foods and water, there is need to ascertain eh amount of prevalent amounts especially in water. This can be done through having sources of water consumption tested for fluorine amounts.  Health authorities and other relevant bodies are always available for this task.



Having healthy teeth offers an opportunity for better health. Ensuring the teeth is provided with right amounts of fluoride is therefore of much importance. Alongside the natural sources, fluoride supplements and other sources can be sourced fro supply of adequate amounts.  Ensuring this is done is a great way to ensure there is better living for all, go here to know more!